Spring / Summer Collection 2000

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Dinner with Faye's snotty friends went OK if you like roast fennel. The biggest revelation of the evening was James, whom Faye had met only once—briefly—and who seemed to have built this single meeting into something of a personal zenith. From the minute Faye arrived he was all over her. It certainly didn't take much detective work to suss out where the flowers came from. Faye wondered how she'd feel about it all if Patrick didn't exist. (Although, thanks to his mysterious disappearances, it could sometimes feel as though he really had dematerialised.) Frankly, it was impossible to know. Happily, the weekend provided the perfect opportunity for Faye to take her mind off the situation. Amy, her best friend, was due marry in a month and Faye was going to be a bridesmaid. An understanding woman, Amy had opted to spare her pal the indignity of being forced to don a pistachio meringue and had said that she could choose an outfit herself. Needless to say Faye rushed straight off to her lucky clothes shop to pick something out. And with the money she didn't spend on her bridesmaid dress (Amy's father was taking care of all that) she bought herself a pink chiffon slip-dress and long, pink jacket. (OK, so it's not strictly mathematical but it seemed to make sense at the time.)

face="Arial,Verdana,Helvetica,sans-serif">Between the dinner party and the wedding James must have phoned twenty times, with very little result. It wasn't so much that Faye was being tricky with him, she just wasn't sure what to do. Patrick was becoming odder and odder, and it was hard to tell whether his oddness ought to be put down to charming idiosycracy or a distinct strain of dodginess. What was the problem with telephones in Scotland? And why would he never agree to eat in the same place twice? Maybe it would be possible to go out for a Platonic evening with James while Patrick was away. But would Platonic interaction be possible with someone so overwhelmingly besotted? Amy's wedding was wonderful. The sun shone, the children smiled and everyone danced to Sister Sledge without the least trace of embarrassment. Faye wondered whether she'd ever be crazy enough to get hitched herself. With two great jellies like Patrick and James on the scene she could hardly imagine it happening in the foreseeable future.