Summer 2016

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Faye often wavered between the various versions of herself. She was well aware that people responded to her differently according to how she was dressed. Soft and floral made people see you one way, while dark and elegant set up a different set of expectations. She knew that clothes would be important in the coming months as the small gallery where she worked was expanding. She’d be travelling to Brussels, Glasgow and New York to man the stand at various art fairs. She’d also be going to the usual rash of summer weddings. Art fair dressing was different to wedding dressing in that you had to demonstrate visual literacy without getting in the way of the artwork. Her new navy chiffon dress was perfect for this. But weddings maybe seemed to require a more gentle palette, or at least Faye believed that celebrations of love demanded lace and sequins. There had to be a place in life for fantasy dressing — and actually, if you put a simple wool or silk jacket on top you could get away with wearing it all week. And maybe navy for a wedding could work too? It was too complicated to double-guess what other people would make of you. But Faye knew that with a relaxed mix of exuberance and elegance she’d probably make friends anywhere.