Winter 2013-14

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  Ed wasn’t at all the jealous type, but he seemed somehow rattled by Faye’s return to work.   ‘I’ll miss you being at home,’ he said. ‘I liked thinking of you and Clarice hanging out here while I was at the studio. It won’t be the same with all three of us in different places, doing different things.’   Faye knew she’d miss it too, although she had actually been worried about becoming boring to Ed. All her news tended to centre on Clarice, on some odd or endearing thing she’d done. She’d secretly feared that Ed might get tired of hearing about these small, domestic incidents. While his work existed in the wider the world — some of his paintings had travelled more than most people — her life had all but shrunk to the size of their home, the park and a few friends’ houses.   Tonight they were off to the fortieth birthday party of one of these friends. Faye put on her oyster lace dress.

font-size: 13px;">  ‘Motherhood has made you too beautiful,’ said Ed. ‘I’m almost afraid of going out with you — let alone without you.’   Faye didn’t know what to make of the compliment. Seeing Ed so vulnerable made her feel strange. Something was changing, but it was impossible to know yet what or how.