Spring/Summer Collection 2003

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Faye was horrified to find that she was the first to arrive. Even the artist was nowhere to be seen. She felt disappointed. She'd wanted to meet him after seeing the work he'd done on the Ransome project. And, more importantly, after spotting him in the design studio in a scruffy pair of cords with his hair sticking up at the back where he'd slept on it funny. Patrick had put her off vain men forever. Ever since his departure she'd been looking for someone who didn't devote most of his mental energy to trying to make himself look good (and none at all to actually being good). Maybe the painter had a wife. But wouldn't she have told him about his hair? Faye liked the paintings too. At first glance, they were simple and bright but on closer inspection things got a little more complicated. Lost in the colourful surface she didn't notice the footsteps behind her. 'I didn't think you'd come,' said a male voice. Faye turned round to face the kind-looking, dark-eyed man in faded jeans and a jacket that needed a dry clean. It was him. 'But I'm so glad you did,' he finished.